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my100X, my101X and MyW-7 unveiled by Sagem
Date: 16 February 2006
my100X, my101X and MyW-7 unveiled by Sagem
my100X and my200X: two new entry-level mobiles from SAGEM

SAGEM Communication (SAFRAN group) unveils its new entry-level mobile phones. Although the focus is on simplicity and functionality, they are nevertheless elegantly-designed and user-friendly. Both will strongly appeal to users who just want a phone that does its job.
Looking for a mobile that lets you telephone confidently without getting lost in overcomplicated functional features? Don't want the constant hassle of worrying about recharging the battery? Need something with street-creditability? Want to keep upgrading without breaking the bank? In short, you don't want some kind of gadget-ridden multimedia device!

Sagem Communication has created the ideal solution for you: the my100X & my101X.
SAGEM my100X and my101X are rugged, compact (104.2 x 42.6 x 15.3 mm) and featherweight (76 g) mobile phones that are simple to use and highly intuitive. The slim-line SAGEM my100X has an orange backlit screen, while the sleek SAGEM my101X offers full-color wallpapers.
Both offer SMS functions so users can always stay in touch. The autonomy of up to 270 hours in sleep mode is another major asset to the most demanding customers.

MyW-7, the mobile wizard from SAGEM
Video-telephony and Video-streaming: V + V = W!

Sagem Communication (SAFRAN Group) continues to step up its range of multimedia devices with the new 3G/UMTS myW-7 mobile handset. Sagem Communication has integrated the full range of its leadership technologies in digital photography (a mega-pixel camera), sound and video capture and playback, and customers are set to enjoy a dazzling range of new features.

The SAGEM myW-7 features 3G/UMTS providing data transmission speeds (up to 384 KB/sec) that deliver a smoother Internet experience and faster email and MMS-photo exchange, together with high-speed music and video download power.

- Video telephony: The SAGEM myW-7 uses two onboard cameras to graft video onto voice communication. It can even switch seamlessly between cameras to change the viewpoint: another of the reasons why SAGEM myW-7 is gifted with ubiquity. The large display (176 x 220 pixels, 256k colours) provides high-fidelity rendering of the images captured through the VGA-resolution (300k pixels) video-call dedicated camera, faithfully conveying the users expressions and emotions.

- Live TV: now that the SAGEM myW-7 features video streaming from multimedia servers, you can watch TV while you're on the move, just like in the films!

- Integrated 3G UMTS modem: the SAGEM myW-7 can be connected to a laptop or desktop computer and serve as a mobile modem, which means you can use your computer to browse the Internet even when you're not at home!

- Manage your emails: the SAGEM myW-7 can be synchronised to the majority of web-based e-mail services.

- Data downloads: the data speeds generated by 3G UMTS networks enable the SAGEM myW-7 to download video clips, music, ring-tones, photos and other files in a matter of seconds, and in a wide range of formats!

The SAGEM myW-7 also features Bluetooth, for seamless wireless connection to a wide range of peripherals and accessories, such as photo printer, hands-free kits, etc., multiplying the possibilities for exchange and communication.
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