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Samsung introduces SPH-S4000
Date: 25 November 2005
Samsung introduces SPH-S4000
Samsung has announced the introduction of their new SPH-S4000 gesture recognition handsets.

The S4000 has an innovative motion sensing capability which allows user to have full control of MP3 playback simply by moving the phone from side to side. The beat-box, music box and motion effects functions are easily controlled by a simple movement by users' hand motion.

Other features include a 1.3MP CMOS camera, a built-in pedometer that counts the number of steps taken by the user throughout the day and a thermometer, while an onboard compass is always ready for those users that enjoy traveling, hiking or outdoor activities.

It has a 1.76 inch main displays (176 x 200 pixels, 262K colors) and a 1.1 inch second displays (96 x 96 pixels, 65K colors). The external LCD has a unique circular shape that can be used as a viewfinder to take pictures while the phone remains closed.

The phone dimensions are 88 mm long, 46 mm wide and 28 mm thick. It weights 100 grams.

The S4000 will first be available at the end of this month in Korea at a price of approximately US$400
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