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New UMTS phones from Siemens: SFG75, SXG75 and SG75
Date: 16 September 2005
New UMTS phones from Siemens: SFG75, SXG75 and SG75
Siemens has presented three new 3G or UMTS phones to the public today:

Siemens SFG75: The power of UMTS within everyone’s reach
Video calls, music downloads, video streaming, MMS and much more – multimedia on the move is now really good fun with the Siemens SFG75. This stylish clamshell mobile for the fast UMTS mobile telephony networks provides everything necessary for mobile communication and entertainment. Two color displays, a 1.3-megapixel camera with flash and digital zoom, Bluetooth as well as an MP3 and video player satisfy every wish. Moreover, the compact mobile phone in the classic sophisticated look is exceedingly good value for money.
A stereo headset and a USB data cable for synchronizing data with a PC are also supplied with the SFG75.
The SFG75 will be on retail sale in the color “Silver-Black” from November 2005 and will be priced in the mid-range segment.

Siemens SXG75: The UMTS mobile with GPS navigation system and comprehensive multimedia equipment
The future of mobile communications has begun: Equipped with a GPS module and navigation software, the SXG75 has everything necessary for innovative location-based services. Siemens’ new mobile presents multimedia at UMTS speed. With its built-in FM radio and MP3 player, the mobile turns into a portable stereo system by attaching the superior speakers of the “Mobile Music Set” (optional accessory). The integrated 2-megapixel digital camera and the high-resolution QVGA color display ensure high-quality visuals. A second CIF camera above the mobile’s display is a practical aid for video telephony. An organizer, Bluetooth, an email client, Multimedia Messaging (MMS), Instant Messaging and a fast XHTML web browser are also among the extensive features of this UMTS all-rounder.
Available in the colors “Metallic White” and “Metallic Black”, the SXG75 will be on sale in the premium price range from October 2005.

Siemens SG75: A versatile UMTS mobile in a compact slider format
The SG75 is the latest model in Siemens Communications’ successful Slider series. This UMTS mobile offers myriad multimedia functions. Its extensive configuration includes an MP3 player, a high-resolution 2-inch display with more than 262,000 colors, a 1.3-megapixel camera, a CIF camera for video calls, manifold organizer functions, as well as a 70-megabyte memory which can be extended using an RS multimedia card. In addition, this precision-engineered mobile has a special treat in store for photography fans, for the SG75 also permits Bluetooth printing.
The SG75 will be priced in the mid-range segment and will be available from November 2005 in the color “Titanium”.
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