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LG-SB130/KB1300 - the World's First 'Time Machine DMB Phone'
Date: 06 December 2005
LG-SB130/KB1300 - the World's First 'Time Machine DMB Phone'
LG Electronics announced the launch of the world's first 'Time Machine satellite DMB handset, LG-SB130/KB1300.

The 'Time Machine TV Phone' is equipped with the 'Time Machine' function so that users can continue watching TV without pausing even when they receive an incoming phone call or are abruptly interrupted.
'Time Machine' technology enables users to record the program while receiving calls and play the recorded program back at a later time. The 'Time Machine' function can operate up to 60 minutes.

With the LG-SB130/KB1300, users can watch TV for a maximum of 3 hours as the model is equipped with a low-power consuming TV receiving chip developed by LG. It also supports multi-tasking features including calling or messaging while watching TV and capturing the screen image of a TV program by using the camera button.

Its swing T style form factor provides convenience for users to watch TV even when using with only one hand.

- Time-Machine Function (Max. 60 Minutes)
- 2 Mega-pixel Digital Camera (Auto Focus)
- Mobile XD-Engine - a mobile chip which improves the quality of the picture
- 2.2 inch QVGA(256x320) LCD display
- Up to 3 Hours DMB Viewing Time
- 300 MB Internal Memory and External T-Flash
- LG's own system-on-chip of DAB/DMB Receiving and AV decoding
- TV Screen Capture
- TV-Out feature
- MP3, VOD, 3D sound
- T Form Factor
- Talk Time/Standby Time: Min. 200 Minutes / Min. 200 Hours
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