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BenQ Mobile will start its operations today October 1st
Date: 01 October 2005
BenQ Mobile will start its operations today October 1st
BenQ Mobile, the new business group of BenQ Corporation entirely dedicated to wireless communications, will start its operations today. Following BenQ’s announcement to acquire the Siemens Mobile Devices Division in June, the new company will start its operations according to the initial plan, on October 1, 2005 . With a combined estimated global market share of 5.2% and a number six position in the international mobile manufacturers ranking, the new company is aiming to become one of the leading players in mobile products. (based on half year 2005 figures, source: Gartner Dataquest).

Established in 2005, BenQ Mobile creates value for its customers bearing strong consumer focus in mind and the needs and desire of consumers around the glob e. The company's headquarter is based in Munich, and has over 7,000 employees worldwide working on research and development, design, sales, marketing, supply chain and customer services.

Through this acquisition, BenQ is able to combine its strong heritage in the consumer electronics business as a leading and rapidly growing manufacturer of networked digital lifestyle products, such as LCD TVs, displays, mp3 players, digital cameras, projectors, and optical storage, with Siemens’ technological expertise in mobile devices. Siemens has built an excellent reputation in the market for its industrial design, product quality and the ability to customize phones to operator requirements. Its leading position in key European and emerging Latin American markets complements BenQ’s particular strength in the Asian markets in establishing BenQ Mobile as a truly global brand. This partnership will thus strengthen BenQ’s position as a leading innovator in the 3Cs – communications, consumer electronics and computing – driving the integration further and delivers solutions demanded by the new digital era.

Through a licensing agreement, BenQ Mobile is allowed to utilize the Siemens brand for 18 months as well as a combined brand for a transition period of up to five years starting today October 1st. Until 2006 both brands will coexist. The new combined brand will be introduced in spring 2006.
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